CNR: Over half a billion people will use 5G this year, Ericsson predicts

Angela Lang/CNET Pandemic or not, 5G is still traveling the globe at high speeds. More than half a billion people will be using 5G by the end of this year — and they’re all using a lot of data, according to a new report from Ericsson.There’ll be about 580 million 5G subscriptions around the world…Continue Reading

CNR: People Revealed The Good Vs. Bad Celebrity Encounters They’ve Had, And Their Stories Are Too Juicy To Ignore

“I was an extra on Dead Poets Society, and when I told Robin Williams how much I appreciated what he did, he said, ‘Hey, I appreciate what YOU did.'” We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most interesting encounters they’ve ever had with a celebrity, and boy, did they deliver. Here are their…Continue Reading

CNR Health New research may explain why some people derive more benefits from exercise than others

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Although everyone can benefit from exercise, the mechanistic links between physical fitness and overall health are not fully understood, nor are the reasons why the same exercise can have different effects in different people. Now a study published in Nature Metabolism led by investigators at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC)…Continue Reading

CNR Health 5 People with Bipolar Disorder Share How They’re Handling ‘Re-Entry Anxiety’

Now that more people are getting vaccinated against COVID-19 and resuming some of their pre-pandemic activities, you may have some “re-entry anxiety” about returning to your old routines. If you have bipolar disorder and created new pandemic routines to help manage your condition, then you might be worried about changing things up again. There are actually…Continue Reading

Why People Feel Like Victims

In a polarized nation, victimhood is a badge of honor. It gives people strength. “The victim has become among the most important identity positions in American politics,” wrote Robert B. Horwitz, a communications professor at the University of California, San Diego.Horwitz published his study, “Politics as Victimhood, Victimhood as Politics,” in 2018.1 He focused on…Continue Reading

People Mountain, People Sea: China’s Labor Day Holiday, in Photos

The crowds are back. Tourist sites across China are drawing enormous numbers of visitors over the Labor Day holiday, creating scenes of overcrowding rarely glimpsed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.Though there has been much grumbling about the holiday’s strange schedule — which requires people to work on weekends to compensate for their days…Continue Reading

CPSC urges people with children at home to stop using Peloton Tread Plus treadmill ‘immediately’

The Consumer Product Safety Commission on Saturday issued a warning about Peloton Tread Plus treadmills, saying the machines pose “serious risks to children for abrasions, fractures, and death.” In a March blog post by CEO John Foley, the company said it was aware that a child had died in an accident on the treadmill. The…Continue Reading

Covid-19: Over 3,000 people travelled from ‘high-risk’ states in five weeks, data shows

More than 3,000 people travelled from countries on the mandatory hotel quarantine list over a five-week period into the start of April, newly released figures suggest. The figures relate to passengers from 33 countries, including Brazil, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa, on the list of so-called designated states deemed to be high risk…Continue Reading