Patreon will remove creator accounts that promote QAnon content

Patreon has updated its policies and will no longer support creator accounts on its platform that “advance disinformation promoting the QAnon conspiracy theory,” the company announced in a blog post. A “small number of creators” on Patreon have supported QAnon with their work, the platform says, adding it’s taking action because “a number of other…Continue Reading

Patreon Becomes the Latest Online Platform to Boot Off QAnon Stans

Patreon has become the latest online platform to give QAnon conspiracy theorists the boot. Please excuse me while I play the world’s smallest violin. “Going forward, creator accounts that advance disinformation promoting the QAnon conspiracy theory will no longer be supported on Patreon,” the company said in a blog post announcing its updated policies this…Continue Reading

Patreon is the next tech giant to crack down on QAnon

This move is in response to other internet companies being “overrun” with the theory’s followers and spreading dangerous “disinformation,” according to Patreon. QAnon has routinely made unsupported allegations of sex trafficking and other crimes, and in multiple cases has been linked to real-world violence and threats.Patreon didn’t waste much time in starting its sweep. Bloomberg…Continue Reading