Multitalented painter Shonto Begay discusses what influences his art’s subject matter and style, including his culture, his days as a shepherd, his dreams, and comic books. What was your family life like? I had a very traditional Navajo upbringing and was one of sixteen kids in my family. We lived in a hogan (a small…Continue Reading

The Painting of a Dream

Mason Archie’s identity has been inextricably linked to art since he was a child. Acceptance into a prestigious high school changed the course of Archie’s life, catapulting him into success in pictorial art and outdoor advertising. He eventually made his way back to his roots in fine art, quickly becoming an in-demand, award-winning oil painter.…Continue Reading

Painting with light: Novel nanopillars precisely control intensity of transmitted light

Illustration depicts a faithful reproduction of Johannes Vermeer’s “Girl With a Pearl Earring” using millions of nanopillars that control both the color and intensity of incident light. Credit: T. Xu/Nanjing University By shining white light on a glass slide stippled with millions of tiny titanium dioxide pillars, researchers at the National Institute of Standards and…Continue Reading

More than 100 artists are painting Black Lives Matter murals on boarded-up windows in Fort Wayne, Indiana

After George Floyd’s death, protests broke out in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and some downtown shops were damaged.Thermopolis Smith III, an artist who goes by “Phresh Laundry,” was one of 100 local artists chosen to paint Black Lives Matter murals on boarded-up businesses.A public art organization called Art This Way helped connect the artists with business…Continue Reading