An origin story for a family of oddball meteorites

Most meteorites that have landed on Earth are fragments of planetesimals, the very earliest protoplanetary bodies in the solar system. Scientists have thought that these primordial bodies either completely melted early in their history or remained as piles of unmelted rubble. But a family of meteorites has befuddled researchers since its discovery in the 1960s.…Continue Reading

We might never know the true origin of the novel coronavirus

The World Health Organization will soon reveal more details about the planned investigation of the novel coronavirus’s origin in China. The WHO negotiated the terms of the upcoming investigation with China over the summer, without revealing any of the conclusions to the public. A New York Times report reveals the first details of the WHO-China…Continue Reading

A new theory for the origin of dark matter

A recent study from the University of Melbourne described how expanding bubbles in the early universe might be the key to understanding dark matter. Scientists proposed a mechanism that suggests- the dark matter abundance may have been determined in a cosmological phase transition. Dr. Michael Baker, a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Melbourne,…Continue Reading

Scientists have found the interstellar organic matter could produce an abundant supply of water by heating, suggesting that organic matter could be the source of terrestrial water. There remains a number of mysteries on our planet including the elusive origin of water on the earth. Active studies suggested that terrestrial water had been delivered by…Continue Reading

Origin of ‘Mirach’s Ghost’ perplexes black hole scientists

Home News Science & Astronomy On the left is Mirach’s Ghost as seen by the Hubble Space Telescope. On the right, Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) data reveals unprecedented detail of swirling gas in the same region. (Image: © Cardiff University)  About 10 million light-years from Earth, a blurry galaxy named Mirach’s Ghost may help…Continue Reading

Demon-Slaying RPG Ys Origin Announced For Nintendo Switch, Physical Editions Confirmed

Launching in 2020 by Ryan Craddock 7 hours agoYs Origin, the prequel to the popular action-RPG franchise’s entire series, will be launching on Nintendo Switch later this year, it has been confirmed. The news comes from publisher Dotemu, which has revealed that alongside a digital eShop release, fans in North America will be able to…Continue Reading

In a new study of axion motion, researchers propose a scenario known as “kinetic misalignment” that greatly strengthens the case for axion/dark matter equivalence. The novel concept answers key questions related to the origins of dark matter and provides new avenues for ongoing detection efforts. This work, published in Physical Review Letters, was conducted by…Continue Reading