Digital Nomads: In the pearl of the Indian Ocean

When Molly sent me an email offering to share her experience as a digital nomad, it was a welcome diversion from all the story angles I had been thinking about all week.  For two weeks, I had been a little obsessed with Japan, but some stories don’t take shape as quickly as we hope. Fortunately,…Continue Reading

Connah’s Quay Nomads ‘turned blind eye’ to ill players

Former Manchester City captain Andy Morrison guided Nomads to the 2019-20 Cymru Premier titleManager Andy Morrison says Connah’s Quay Nomads “had to turn a blind eye” to players who turned up feeling unwell for their Europa League qualifying defeat by Dinamo Tbilisi.The game went ahead despite three players having tested positive for Covid-19 beforehand.The trio…Continue Reading

SoloWandera, a South African whose fascination with traveling around Africa started early. I’ve always wondered what a parallel to that story would look like; so I spoke to *Frank, whose fascination and knowledge of West Africa is interesting. Heads up; Frank is almost like a vending machine for quotable quotes. When I ask him about…Continue Reading

Digital Nomads: The Solo Wanderer traveling across Africa to find what connects us

In 2017, Katchie Nzama, more popularly known as The Solo Wanderer, backpacked from Africa’s Northernmost point to its Southernmost point on her own. It took her six months to travel across 21 countries in a trip she tagged #BreakingBorders. She has since expanded her travel repertoire, having visited 35 of Africa’s 54 countries.   Her…Continue Reading

Digital Nomads: The teacher who travels the continent in search of new experiences

Cindy talked about “authentic” travel experiences last week.  Are travel and tech experiences “authentic” if we fold our sleeves and explore the nooks and corners of new cities? Or are we still due our nomad badges even if our experiences in places like Afghanistan are from a protected house and office? I don’t have any…Continue Reading