Middle East focus: Top 10 most read Middle East stories of 2020

See our top 10 most read Middle East stories of 2020, featuring the emerging e-commerce trend, food security concerns, and COVID-19 related food imports.Click through the gallery to see them all.Continue Reading

Masks are a must. Middle seats will likely be full. 9 things to know if you haven’t been on a plane this year

CLOSE The CDC has warned against traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic, but here are some ways to get you safely to new destinations. USA TODAYHeading out soon for the holidays and haven’t been on a plane during the coronavirus pandemic? If Thanksgiving travel is any indication, you’ll have plenty of company at the airport despite the…Continue Reading

Roundup: Middle East telehealth forum gains sponsorship, EIT competition winners announced and more briefs

MIDDLE EAST TELEHEALTH TECHNOLOGIES FORUM Developer of IoT software for remote health monitoring, HBKiCare has announced that it will sponsor the Middle East Telehealth Technologies Forum to promote remote COVID-19 healthcare. During COVID-19, the forum brought together leading healthcare companies in the Middle East to share digital health experiences, opportunities and challenges. HIMSS20 Digital Learn…Continue Reading

$60m Middle East tech fund targets 120 startups

Venture capital fund expects rapid regional technology growth in the post-Covid-19 world By Alicia Buller Published: 30 Nov 2020 9:46 A $60m venture capital fund is set to invest in 120 early-stage startups across the Middle East region amid an anticipated tech boom after the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the fund’s founders, an ex-Google executive…Continue Reading

Bloated middle age beckons: Windows 1.0 turns 35 and is dealing with its mid-life crisis, just about

What do Cristiano Ronaldo, Bruno Mars and Windows have in common? They’re all 35 years old. It is three and a half decades since Microsoft Windows 1.0 was unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. Tottering atop MS-DOS, Windows 1.0 was released on 20 November 1985. A graphical multitasking shell, it would usher in an era of…Continue Reading

The Middle East and the Next Administration

Most Popular The Decline and Fall of the 9/11 Republicans The nationalist–populist tendency that buoyed Donald Trump in 2016 has many precedents in American politics: the Tea Party, Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan, George Wallace, a political bloodline that runs back through William Jennings Bryan to Andrew Jackson and Patrick Henry. But one aspect of the…Continue Reading

Elementary, middle school absenteeism carries later life consequences

Missing lots of school between kindergarten and eighth grade may have consequences when kids grow up, a new study suggests. When they reached their early 20s, frequent absentees were less likely to vote and more likely to have economic problems and poor educational outcomes, researchers found. The results suggest early school absenteeism should be taken…Continue Reading