Mental health care resources stretched thin during pandemic

Doha Madani8h ago / 2:24 AM UTCIn a year of more than 300,000 deaths from a pandemic, job insecurity, a looming eviction crisis and a renewed focus on racial injustice, mental health has been pushed into the public discourse across the country.Politicians have implemented new strategies to acknowledge disparities in quality of care for people…Continue Reading

Pandemic’s toll on mental health accentuated in cities

Nancy Liu, an assistant clinical psychology professor at the University of California, Berkeley, said California residents found ways to take care of themselves with outdoor activities, such as walking and other exercise, before wildfires intensified this summer.Anxiety in metropolitan San Francisco is among the highest of any region in the country. One of 3 people…Continue Reading

COVID and mental health: What employers and HR need to know (VB Live)

Sponsored by TriNet The pandemic may dramatically affect your employees’ mental health and productivity — and, in turn, that may impact the health of your company. Join this VB Live event to learn about the internal strategies HR can use to support and rally employees in a difficult time. Register here for free. We’re eight…Continue Reading

Machines can spot mental health issues—if you hand over your personal data

When Neguine Rezaii first moved to the United States a decade ago, she hesitated to tell people she was Iranian. Instead, she would use Persian. “I figured that people probably wouldn’t know what that was,” she says.  The linguistic ambiguity was useful: she could conceal her embarrassment at the regime of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad while still…Continue Reading

Mental health toll of the coronavirus pandemic is now becoming clear

By Adam Vaughan Many people are struggling with anxiety and depression during the covid-19 pandemicIsabel Infantes/EMPICS Entertai“Everything just went haywire. My moods were all over the place,” says Black actor and producer Dami Adeyeye, as he describes the perfect storm of living with his family under lockdown in the UK, watching police brutality in the…Continue Reading