Zikoko Memes: Africa’s first meme bank, for the culture

The internet speaks memes. With over 4.5 billion active internet users and over 6,000 languages and dialects spoken worldwide, memes provide us with a universal language. Let’s say I follow a Twitter user who predominantly tweets in Swahili. If one day she tweeted the following meme with the caption “PS5???”: I don’t need to speak…Continue Reading

60 Baby Yoda Memes That Capture The Mandalorian Character’s Pure Joy and Delight

We all know about Internet Boyfriends, a.k.a. when Twitter decides that like men like Oscar Isaac, Idris Elba, and Adam Driver are perfect and we would all be blessed to have them in our lives. But there’s also a more recent phenomenon, which we’re dubbing Internet Babies. Whether it’s Baby Groot or that obese cat,…Continue Reading

The Best Memes of 2020 So Far

It’s hard to believe 2020 is nearing its halfway point when the past six months have encompassed what feels like an eternity of global events. But, rather than going back through headlines, the most lighthearted way to take stock of everything we’ve experienced in 2020 would be to do so through memes. From serious news…Continue Reading