Maybe she’s just not getting any

Technically neither is Covid. It’s transmitted through spit. And particles of spit can be left in the air by people, although they quickly fall on surfaces, which is why you can catch it on surfaces. True airborne diseases are actually transmitted through air, they can linger in the air for sometimes days at a time,…Continue Reading

Facebook Maybe Not Singlehandedly Undermining Democracy With Political Content, Says Facebook

Photo: Dan Kitwood / Staff (Getty Images)In a dispatch from Facebook’s newsroom released Tuesday night, corporate executives sought to downplay the role partisan discourse plays in shaping the platform, stressing that political content makes up only about 6% of users’ newsfeeds and that ranking pages by which posts receive the most engagement is not necessarily…Continue Reading

Maybe Maybe Maybe

I think it’s cuz they had to show the beginning with the mom throwing it back. Then they cut to another video with her and her mans in the same position, just w the kid coming in. I don’t think they wanted him seeing the first part, and they really wanted him to think they…Continue Reading