Review: Lovecraft Country is a cleverly subversive take that (mostly) works

Blood magic — The finale doesn’t make a lot of sense, but the characters and their stories are aces. Jennifer Ouellette – Oct 26, 2020 11:54 am UTC Atticus, aka “Tic,” walking the old familiar streets. YouTube/HBO Jurnee Smollett plays Leti, a longtime friend to Atticus. YouTube/HBO Courtney B. Vance plays George, uncle to Atticus.…Continue Reading

The Kumiho From Lovecraft County Is Actually Much Scarier in Ancient Mythology

If you haven’t heard—obscure, terrifying monsters from international folktales are in vogue right now. Who could forget 2020’s breakout TV star, The Outsider’s hungry-as-hell creeper, El Cuco? We have A24’s The Green Knight coming up, too, which will most definitely ruin all our Spamalot-esque, rowdy ideas of Arthurian legend. In Sunday night’s episode of HBO’s…Continue Reading

Lovecraft Country: Episode 5 Review

This review contains spoilers for Lovecraft Country episode 5, “Strange Case.” To see where we left off, read our Lovecraft Country episode 4 review. The fifth episode of Lovecraft Country, “Strange Case,” opens with an overhead shot of a white woman roused from a bed of satin sheets, staring blankly at her own reflection in…Continue Reading