Companies looking to hire employees they had laid off seven months ago

Life seems to have come full circle for Sandeep Saxena, and that too in seven months. On December 1, the 28-year-old will join a Bengaluru-based food tech venture as a data analyst in its Gurgaon office. The last seven months have not been easy. He lost his job in May and was forced to move…Continue Reading

Democrats Looking to Reclaim Senate Majority Have Their Eyes on These Key Seats

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell speaks to the media on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., September 30, 2020. (Joshua Roberts/Reuters) All eyes are on the Senate this Election Day as Republicans look to maintain control of the legislative body where they currently hold a 53-seat majority. Shortly after polls closed on Tuesday, the Associated Press…Continue Reading

Looking for Racism

Demonstrators protest against racial inequality in New York City, June 11, 2020. (Idris Solomon/Reuters) Conservatives must recognize liberals’ radical race rhetoric as the power grab it is. Liberals are expanding the definition of racism to silence their political opponents and justify their expansive claims on power. Despite America’s penchant for comeback stories and apology tours…Continue Reading

Sony is imminently looking to buy Crunchyroll

2020-10-30 08:00:00by Chris CarterThey could end up merging it with their Funimation’s streaming serviceThe era of streaming is upon us, with tons of different channels to negotiate. While a few streaming channels had all the things years back, now publishers and studios are carving up rights like Jack-o’-lanterns, splitting them among multiple services. You can see…Continue Reading

Looking for a Life Change? Skate Into a Roller Rink on Sale for $359K

If you’re itching to become an entrepreneur, make your way to the hills of West Virginia.We’ve found a listing for a buyer looking to break into the business world in one fell swoop.A 5.43-acre spread offers a roller-skating rink, a birthday-party venue, a haunted house, and assisted-living apartments, all under one roof. Oh, and there…Continue Reading