Letter to the Editor: Small scale farmers are food safety practitioners

Opinion Dear Editor, Recently a few media outlets reported on a study warning Americans about the dangers of consuming produce grown by small-scale farmers. Very quickly, however, the study was retracted because its authors failed to comply with basic ethical requirements. Unfortunately, the ethical issue was just one of the many flaws with the study, and the…Continue Reading

Democrats send letter to GSA head Emily Murphy demanding to know why the Biden-Harris transition has not begun

Democratic leaders of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform are demanding to know why President-elect Joe Biden has not been recognized as the next US head of state. In a letter sent Thursday, Democrats ask Emily Murphy, head of the General Services Administration, to personally explain why she has not joined every major news…Continue Reading

Reader letter: Vacation property owners should be allowed to cross border

Author of the article:Reader LettersPublishing date:Nov 16, 2020  •   •  1 minute readHomes overlooking Lake Erie near Colchester Beach are shown on Tuesday, September 29, 2020. Photo by Dan Janisse /Windsor StarArticle contentI live 92 miles from my parents cottage that I have been going to for 68 years on the Canadian side of Lake…Continue Reading

The Capital Letter: Week of November 9

(Photo illustration: Dado Ruvic/Reuters) The vaccine injects some hope, but lockdowns may take it away, and much, much, more. At the time of writing (1:50 p.m.), the Dow, S&P and even the tech-heavy NASDAQ Composite are up and, in the case of the former duo, look like ending in positive territory for the second consecutive…Continue Reading

Letter from Air Force One: the mad dash to the finish line

Debate over, the motorcade sped back to Nashville International Airport and discharged the most powerful man in the world. “Mr. President, Mr. President!” reporters called out, as he and the first lady strode past us from a distance, on their way to Air Force One. President Donald Trump stopped, looked toward the press pool gathered under…Continue Reading

Letter from leading researchers urges terminology update, shift in COVID-19 guidance

Scientists affiliated with leading research institutions across the U.S. state in a letter published Monday in the journal Science that researchers across disciplines must converge to deliver clear public health guidance about how SARS-CoV-2 is spread in the air. The researchers write in the open letter that the scientific community must clarify the terminology used…Continue Reading