Decluttering and learning to say no: Small changes to help you beat the January lockdown blues

New year, new you. It’s a phrase we hear far too many times every January, as millions of people set out to drastically transform their lives at the beginning of the month, only to find themselves abandoning their ambitious plans just a few weeks later. According to YouGov, only one in four (24 per cent)…Continue Reading

Machine learning: A breakthrough in the study of stellar nurseries

The gas clouds in which stars are born and evolve are vast regions of the Universe that are extremely rich in matter, and hence in physical processes. All these processes are intertwined on different size and time scales, making it almost impossible to fully understand such stellar nurseries. However, the scientists in the ORION-B* programme…Continue Reading

Machine learning text-generating models can write like humans, but they don’t have common sense

AI-powered machines may be able to generate text that is grammatically correct and very human-like, but when it comes to common sense they’re still lagging severely behind us meatbags. A team of computer scientists from the University of Southern California (USC), the University of Washington, and the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence devised a new…Continue Reading

Learning pathways could guide children who miss best start to improved literacy by age 11

Major pathways to End of Primary School Literacy Outcomes, as described in the research.(Please note that this is a simplified version of a full diagram used in the paper) Credit: Clare Mackenzie, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge The early talk and communication that children experience when very young, though essential in preparing them for…Continue Reading

Tech is learning that everything is politics

It’s one political minefield after another for tech companies this year as the industry faces a rash of concerns including antitrust pressure, rampant misinformation and a pre-election tightening of screws from the Trump administration.Why it matters: For much of Silicon Valley, politics has, over the past decade, gone from a non-consideration to a nagging occasional…Continue Reading

Most adults will remember spending much of their childhood playing outdoors without much parental supervision. But fears for children’s safety plus the demands of modern life mean many parents don’t allow their children the same freedoms. We live in an age where people have distanced themselves from nature in favour of aContinue Reading

Habitat Mars: Learning to live sustainably on the red planet

The Mars Society prototype habitat in Utah conducts studies on what it would be like to live on Mars. Credit: Mars Society MRDS There’s quite a bit of buzz these days about how humanity could become a “multiplanetary” species. This is understandable, considering that space agencies and aerospace companies from around the world are planning…Continue Reading