‘Keep Meghan Markle’s name out of your damn mouth’: Kamala Harris’ niece defends the Duchess ahead of interview

Meena Harris, vice-president Kamala Harris’ niece, defended Meghan Markle this week ahead of her much-awaited sit-down interview with Oprah, as the Duchess of Sussex faced a complaint she bullied former staff members.“Keep Meghan Markle’s name out of your damn mouth. You are racist,” said Ms Harris, a former lawyer and tech executive who now runs…Continue Reading

‘Keep the faith’: Biden relaunches ‘fireside chats’ with emotional call to woman who lost job due to Covid-19

President Joe Biden offered words of support to a California woman who lost her job in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic while detailing his economic relief plans in his inaugural “weekly conversation” with Americans. The White House posted a video to its social media platforms on Sunday that told the story of a woman named…Continue Reading

‘Keep on gardening’: David Domoney’s top tips for autumn and winter

Celebrity horticulturalist David Domoney has a message for green-fingered Brits: don’t stop gardening during autumn and winter. Not only do our gardens need continued care in the colder months, but getting outside is also essential for our physical and mental well-being, especially during this time of Covid lockdowns and social distancing. A campaign to get more of us…Continue Reading