I’ve Discovered Happiness and It’s This Heating Pad

Whenever I thought about a hot water bottle, I pictured the ones from cartoons — slick and rubbery and steaming hot. Then there was the idea of a heating pad, running cords and cables to tangle around my feat. It was all unappealing, to say the least, but I knew that my aches and pains…Continue Reading

‘I’ve never been this way about any president’: Mendon man shares why he isn’t voting for Trump again in now-viral video

Wearing a Boston Bruins shirt, Jeffrey Farmer of Mendon unleashed and recorded a tirade, riddled with F-bombs and other profanities, on why he isn’t voting for President Donald Trump this year. And, for a man who says he doesn’t “do social media,” Farmer appears to have struck a nerve, as his video, posted to Twitter…Continue Reading