Internet Summit Hosted in Central China by Tech Unicorn Company APUS

APUS is a unicorn technology company from China specializing in Android development and information services.(Source:APUS) Executives and experts from China’s top Internet companies gathered in central China’s Zhengzhou city in Henan Province to discuss the development of the global Internet ecosystem and how to push the industry further in the inland province of Henan.  The…Continue Reading

Internet connectivity is oxygen for research and development work

Fast and reliable internet access is fundamental for research and development activity around the world. Seamless connectivity is a privilege we often take for granted. But in developing nations, technological limitations can become stumbling blocks to efficient communication and cause significant disadvantages. Pete Goldsmith, director of the Soybean Innovation Lab at University of Illinois, works…Continue Reading

people with slow internet will relate to this

הזון הוא אתר המחשבים והטכנולוגיה הותיק בישראל, המשמש כבר שנים רבות בית לאוהבי טכנולוגיה, מחשבים וגאדג’טים. צרכנים נבונים שאוהבים להיות בחזית הדיגיטלית – עוזרים למחשבים להבין אנשים מאז 2001.אודות האתרצרו קשרפרסם אצלנותנאי שימוש ומדיניות פרטיותContinue Reading

The internet is turning ‘Fall Guys’ into the game of the summer

The memes are as good as “Fall Guys” itself. Image: devolver digital By Jess Joho2020-08-23 20:39:34 UTC Fall Guys isn’t just the irresistibly fun and accesible, multiplayer game that seemingly everyone is playing. It’s also the source of some of the best memes of the summer, adding much-needed joy to our timelines since it released…Continue Reading