Hilarious Video Shows the Troubled Romance Between the Far Left and the Far Right

People have claimed in the past that the political spectrum is a square containing various kinds of authoritarianism or libertarianism. Some have claimed it’s a line spanning from left to right gauging freedom vs. authoritarianism. However, some have said that it probably looks more like a circle, and during these times it would appear that…Continue Reading

Germany’s hilarious coronavirus commercials will convince you to stay inside

The German government has released three new ads encouraging people to stay home and help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. The short commercials have gone viral on social media, showing an unusual but accurate way of looking at the health crisis. The people who stay indoors and observe health measures are heroes, fighting…Continue Reading

The Hilarious And Heartbreaking Poetry Of “How To With John Wilson”

It’s gotten to the point where pretty much any new media we consume these days feels — excuse the now-exhausted phrase — “eerily prescient.” From The Haunting of Bly Manor on Netflix to the Strokes’ latest album to this year’s pandemic novels, watching and reading and listening to things made before the world went into…Continue Reading

Comedian’s hilarious Trump impression compares ‘Sex and the City’ with ‘Gilmore Girls’

Donald Trump’s 60 Minutes interview drummed up major buzz last week when the president walked out of the interview early. Despite Trump subsequently posting “leaked” footage on his Facebook page, CBS wasn’t deterred from airing the combative conversation between Trump and journalist Lesley Stahl.  Comedian James Austin Johnson lampooned the footage, spending three minutes comparing…Continue Reading