U.S. government grants ByteDance seven-day extension for TikTok sale

The deadline is now December 4th The Trump administration has granted ByteDance a seven-day extension of an order directing it to sell TikTok. New court filings from TikTok reveal that the deadline is now December 4th. Following pressure from the Trump administration, ByteDance has been in talks with Oracle and Walmart for months to finalize…Continue Reading

Scottish government unveils strategy for digital planning

Scotland’s government has published a document that describes its strategy for the digitisation of the nation’s planning system By Brian McKenna, Business Applications Editor Published: 25 Nov 2020 16:30 The Scottish government has published a strategy document describing its plans to digitise the country’s planning system. Transforming places together: Scotland’s digital strategy for planning outlined…Continue Reading

UK government Geospatial Commission stipulates actions to exploit location data

Report outlines some actions public bodies and companies can take to make better economic use of location data By Brian McKenna, Business Applications Editor Published: 25 Nov 2020 13:14 The government’s Geospatial Commission has published a report indicating some steps to expand the UK’s “geospatial economy”. A joint statement from the commission and the Cabinet…Continue Reading

Government sets SRP for beef, vegetables

Government sets SRP for beef, vegetables (The Philippine Star) – November 23, 2020 – 12:00am MANILA, Philippines — The Department of Agriculture has included new food items in its suggested retail price (SRP) list following the spike in prices of basic commodities due to the recent consecutive typhoons that hit the country. Agriculture Secretary William…Continue Reading

A new government regulation could halt the streaming services dream run in India

Digital streaming platforms have had a dream run in India. But that might soon change.The Indian government yesterday (Nov. 11) announced that all digital news, audio, and visual content platforms would now be under the information & broadcasting (I&B) ministry’s jurisdiction. So far, over-the-top (OTT) platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ Hostar were…Continue Reading

Danish government halts plans to kill more than 15 million minks over coronavirus scare

BERLIN — Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen apologized on Tuesday for issuing an order to kill every mink in the country, more than 15 million, to contain a coronavirus mutation.Frederiksen conceded that the government lacked sufficient authority to carry out the plan, which has sparked a burgeoning political scandal. She did not rule out a…Continue Reading

Government urged to ease restrictions on temporary visas to address labour shortage

Navigation for News Categories The government is being urged to ease restrictions on temporary visas to ensure there are enough workers available to address an acute labour shortage in popular holiday destinations. Queenstown businesses have been working with the council to try and address a labour shortage in the town. Photo: RNZ / Nona Pelletier…Continue Reading

Government releases new guide to open ocean farming

Navigation for News Categories New Zealand’s largest salmon farmer hopes new national guidelines for “open ocean” farming will not require zero environmental impacts, as it looks to set up the country’s first ocean farm. NZ King Salmon’s Waitata Bay salmon farm in the Te Hoiere/Pelorus Sound. Photo: Supplied A guide to sustainable open ocean farming…Continue Reading

Lockdown at last – if only the government had listened to calls for it earlier

Lockdown at last! What opposition politicians and sensible citizens have been calling for since September.Apparently Sir Iain Duncan Smith disapproves and thinks that the prime minister is “giving in to scientists”. Whose advice should we follow? That of a group of scientists who have carefully studied the actual facts, or that of the man who…Continue Reading

Government invests £200,000 to boost Scottish geospatial sector

Claude Wangen – stock.adobe.com The new Scottish Geospatial Network Integrator will work on developing opportunities in the geospatial services industry Published: 30 Oct 2020 10:30 The Cabinet Office has announced that the Scottish Geospatial Network Integrator (SGNI) will be created as part of a wider plan to develop the geospatial sector in Scotland. SGNI is…Continue Reading