Fat Nwigwe Says ‘Family Order Is How She Is Able To Balance Being A Mother And Wife

“The way our family is set up is God, Tobe, me, kids.” The Nwigwes are legendary within their own right and we stan everything about them. Everything. If you’re unfamiliar, Tobe Nwigwe is a Nigerian-American rapper and singer known for his mint minimalism, in collaboration with his wife, Fat. They’ve builtContinue Reading


Most of us are living through a year that is unprecedented in our lifetimes. Too young to remember the Spanish flu, we’ve grown up in a world where we take Western wonder drugs and life-saving vaccines for granted. We have no memory of a time when disease brought the worldContinue Reading

‘God help us’: Fired defence secretary Mark Esper worries about ‘yes men’ under Trump

Fired defence secretary Mark Esper said he was no “yes man” for Donald Trump as he worried the president would begin replacing senior Cabinet officials with people who would not push back.In an exclusive interview with Military Times that dropped shortly after his abrupt firing, Mr Esper took exception with critics who have called him…Continue Reading