Don’t be fooled, the fact is SONY needs to sale more PS5 console to…

Playstation 5 eBay listings have ballooned out of control with scalpers (Image source: Sony)Scalpers are already making bank on the PS5 launch with successful listings ending at around $1000 USD or two times the retail price of the actual console. The system will likely remain out of reach for most users throughout the rest of…Continue Reading

Don’t be fooled by these fake NIOSH-approved N95 face masks – here’s what to get instead

Many people in search of N95 masks for sale online are being swindled by unscrupulous crooks who sell fake NIOSH-approved N95 masks that don’t actually filter anything at all. The CDC has published a long list of known counterfeit N95 face masks as well as other professional and medical-grade face masks. You should avoid buying…Continue Reading