Whole Foods CEO Says Socialism ‘Has Been Tried 42 Times… 42 Failures,’ Calls Capitalism ‘Greatest Thing Humanity’s Ever Done’

Whole Foods founder and CEO John Mackey said on Friday that capitalism is humanity’s greatest invention and doesn’t deserve the criticism it receives. He also went on the attack against socialism.Mackey was speaking to the market-oriented American Enterprise Institute about his new book Conscious Leadership: Elevating Humanity Through Business. In a video shared by Just…Continue Reading

Tyson Foods managers bet on how many of their workers would get COVID-19, lawsuit alleges

“This is depraved,” United Farm Workers said in a Twitter thread A nurse checks a patient in a temporary hospital for the COVID-19 patients set up in a gymnasium in Wuhan in central China’s Hubei province Thursday, March 05, 2020. Most of the patients have been discharged, and only about one hundred are still there. (Feature China/Barcroft…Continue Reading

This Giant Foods Ad Is a Major Yikes for the Covid Era

The December issue of Giant Foods’ Savory magazine is mostly what you’d expect from a supermarket chain’s in-house publication: it’s heavy on food-related features (“In Season Now: Potatoes”), thick with ads for its own products, and includes dozens of recipes for holiday cookies, cocktails, and cheese boards.  We’d never read an issue of Savory until…Continue Reading

Whole Foods adds a new plant-based bacon

Hooray Foods People are weird about bacon. They wear shoes proclaiming it, wave it in vegans’ faces to taunt them, and put their beer down to fight over it. Few foods other than bacon earn this kind of fanaticism. Claymation So it’s notable when picky Whole Foods decides to carry a new plant-based bacon, which it…Continue Reading

Arla Foods Ingredients launches organic solution for cooking-stable cheese

The solution is part of a new line the company said helps manufacturers meet the growing demand for healthy, natural and organic products.According to Innova Market Insights, organic cheese launches are growing at a CAGR of 15.1% in Europe, and a Lindbergh International study showed 73% of European consumers would buy more organic dairy products…Continue Reading

Impossible Foods seeks to double size of R&D team, provides glimpse of work on Impossible Milk and egg alternatives

Founder and CEO Dr Pat Brown explained: “For people that love the full experience of milk… the taste, the aroma, the texture, the plant-based milks that are out there are inadequate. If they weren’t, there wouldn’t be dairy cows anymore.​“Our intention is not just to make another plant-based milk to add to the shelf full…Continue Reading