Carp finally find fans as fertiliser demand skyrockets for veggie gardens during pandemic

Commercial fishermen and fish fertiliser suppliers are struggling to keep up with a demand for carp as people spend more time gardening and growing their own food during the pandemic.Key points:Carp accounts for 90 per cent of fish biomass in some areas of the Murray-Darling BasinA carp trap on the River Murray in Blanchetown removes…Continue Reading

Finally: Trump Signs $900 Billion Relief Bill Clearing Way For $600 Stimulus Checks And Averting Shutdown

Topline After days of stalling and criticizing the legislation, President Donald Trump signed a $1.4 trillion spending bill and accompanying $900 billion economic stimulus package into law on Sunday evening, averting a Tuesday government shutdown and clearing the way for $600 stimulus checks and $300 weekly enhanced unemployment benefits. President Donald Trump gives a thumbs…Continue Reading

UK finally signs off on Square Kilometre Array Observatory Convention

Amidst the paroxysms of coronavirus and Brexit, the United Kingdom on Wednesday found time to ratify the Convention that formally establishes the SKA Observatory (SKAO), paving the way for the giant radio telescope to be built. The Convention governing the SKAO requires that at least five nations, including the three host countries – Australia, South…Continue Reading

Codebreakers have finally cracked the Zodiac killer’s cypher

After 50 years, three amateur codebreakers managed to crack the Zodiac Killer’s unsolved 340-character cipher. They made a breakthrough on December 3rd and then by December 5th had completed cracking the cipher and sent the solution to the FBI. The entire video explaining the methodology is interesting, but if you don’t feel like watching it…Continue Reading

You Can Finally Watch Tenet From the Safety Of Your Home. Here’s How.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Christopher Nolan’s latest blockbuster Tenet was released on select theaters worldwide earlier this year. One of only a handful of movies to go forward with a theatrical release, the movie did okay, given the circumstances. And two months after the release Nolan himself seemed fine with how it performed. “Warner Bros.…Continue Reading