Doing Good, Feeling Good

Follow us on social media today! We all know the feeling of giving a gift so special and perfect that it’s better than any gift you could ever receive. There is something inherently powerful about giving, and, while right now might be prime time for gift-giving, there are a lot of other ways to give…Continue Reading

How Are You Feeling About the Vaccines?

Above, a covid-19 vaccine candidate produced by Chinese company Sinovac Biotech being used in a clinical trial at the Sao Lucas Hospital, in Porto Alegre, Brazil on August 08, 2020. (Photo: Silvio Avila/AFP, Getty Images) The past few weeks have brought a flurry of news about covid-19 vaccines, and it’s enough to make anyone feel…Continue Reading

For Nurses Feeling the Strain of the Pandemic, Virus Resurgence Is ‘Paralyzing’

Editor’s note: Find the latest COVID-19 news and guidance in Medscape’s Coronavirus Resource Center. For Christina Nester, the pandemic lull in Massachusetts lasted about three months through summer into early fall. In late June, St. Vincent Hospital had resumed elective surgeries, and the unit the 48-year-old nurse works on switched back from taking care of…Continue Reading

How to Stop Feeling Crushed for Time

Sparingly these days do I find myself thinking I’ve got some time to kill. Time has a way of making itself scarce. I’m like some Pleistocene hunter-gatherer, always scavenging for more. For that matter, isn’t “killing time” a rather misleading phrase? As Christopher Hitchens once observed, time “is killing us.”Well, I hope you find it…Continue Reading

Ron Rivera: ‘Gut Feeling’ Reason for Inconsistent Messages on WFT QB Change

Adam Hunger/Associated PressWashington Football Team head coach Ron Rivera cited a “gut feeling” for why there has appeared to be inconsistent messaging about his club’s quarterback position this season.”It does look a little inconsistent, but the consistency is that I’m going to make them based on what I know—on my gut feeling on things,” Rivera…Continue Reading

I Grew Up Feeling Ashamed Of My Own Culture Asim Chaudhry In Conversation

“I was making music, being creative and recording skits way back in secondary school,” says Asim Chaudhry, who you definitely know best as West London wideboy Chabuddy G off the BBC mockumentary People Just Do Nothing. “Honestly though – back then my parents thought I was being a moron.” After five seasons and a stack…Continue Reading

Grant Spanier De’Wayne is beaming as he calls from North Hollywood on a recent Tuesday. “I’m an excited-ass homie,” he tells MTV News. “I’m making music and I’m talking to you and people are actually starting to listen.” Despite 2020’s ever-darkening cloud of gloom, the 25-year-old artist has plenty to be excited about. Shortly after…Continue Reading