Diversity In Food Intake Curbs Malnutrition

Here’s how the new breeding tool ‘Gene editing’ is being harnessed to provide customers with nutritious, safer food without any foreign DNA in the crops The food systems have evolved since Norman Borlaug won the Nobel peace prize in 1970. The Nobel going to World Food Programme underlines the importance and continual efforts required for…Continue Reading

Biological diversity evokes human happiness

Researchers have found that more bird species (pictured: a robin) in the vicinity increase the life contentment of Europeans at least as much as a comparable increase in income. Credit: Senckenberg Under the current pandemic conditions, activities out in nature are a popular pastime. The beneficial effects of a diverse nature on people’s mental health…Continue Reading

Diversity in football: ‘We all want parity across boys’ and girls’ football academies’

The Football Association’s director of women’s football, Kelly Simmons, says it is tough for girls’ academies to miss out during the coronavirus pandemic, but that there are not enough medical or financial resources available for them to reopen. Read more:Girls’ acadamies unlikely to re-open during lockdownContinue Reading

A Diversity of Terrible Bosses

A visual feature recently assembled by The New York Times reveals in stark detail the dearth of people of color, in the year 2020, in the country’s halls of power. Of the 24 people in the Trump administration, only three aren’t white. Only six of the top 25 companies in the United States are led…Continue Reading

Are Your D&I Efforts Helping Employees Feel Like They Belong?

Justin Case/Getty Images Diversity brings many benefits to organizations — but it is not enough on its own. An organization with a diverse workforce is not necessarily an inclusive one. Diversity efforts now often fall under the banner of “Diversity and Inclusion” for this reason, but new research in a forthcoming issue of Social Psychological…Continue Reading

Space has a diversity problem — and big institutions like universities can do something about it

Home News Science & Astronomy Astronomy and physics have a lot to learn when it comes to diversity and inclusion. (Image: © X-ray: NASA/CXC/PSU/L. Townsley et al; UKIRT; JPL-Caltech) Astronomy and physics have struggled with diversity and inclusion for as long as those fields have existed. But, as a recent report explained in depth, institutions…Continue Reading

Frank Lampard’s talk about ‘hard work’ will not help football tackle black under-representation

When Manchester City footballer Raheem Sterling challenged English football to do more when it came to tackling systemic racism in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, Chelsea manager Frank Lampard questioned his analysis of the problem. For Lampard, his success in coaching was simply down to hard graft. But my research showsContinue Reading