Microsoft is developing an exciting new way to navigate Windows 10

Microsoft is developing a new way to navigate Windows 10 computers, a “voice launcher” that will let users interact with the computer using their voice. The voice launcher will work with files and apps, and it will be available anywhere in Windows 10 where there’s a search field. The feature is in testing and should…Continue Reading

HBO developing TV sci-fi drama series based on the 1998 movie ‘Sphere’

Home News Entertainment A new series could shed some light on the origins of the mysterious alien sphere. (Image: © Warner Brothers) HBO is reportedly developing a TV series based on the 1998 movie “Sphere,” based on a novel by the late writer, director Michael Crichton, according to The Hollywood Reporter.Crichton has given us both…Continue Reading

Developing Nations Push for Covid-19 Vaccines Without the Patents

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—A group of developing countries, led by South Africa and India, say they will press at the World Trade Organization this week to free Covid-19 vaccines from patent protections so they can be more accessible and affordable for poor countries. The pandemic requires a temporary suspension of the world’s usual intellectual property system, the…Continue Reading

The art of developing happy customers

AI is playing a growing role in modern software development, but how well can an AI build applications that deliver great customer experience By Cliff Saran, Managing Editor Published: 24 Aug 2020 While the opinions of industry experts tend to vary, there is a growing consensus about what constitutes modern software development, and a few…Continue Reading