The Current Nigerian Crisis: What, Really, Are The Fundamentals? By Omotoye Olorode

Again, Complaints, Complaints, Complaints!Yet, only three options with their possible combinations are being clearly canvassed: one is to do nothing; another is to organize for splitting the country; the third is to struggle for a class-based social transformation. Some of us, following the footsteps of our Comrades who are already on the other side of…Continue Reading

Missouri’s Current COVID Numbers

It’s been almost a month since I provided an update regarding Missouri’s COVID numbers. Rather than editorialize regarding the current stats and some of the measures being taken in response (that’s a separate article in the works), this is simply intended as an update as to the current reported data regarding reported cases, deaths, testing,…Continue Reading

New current that transports water to major ‘waterfall’ discovered in deep ocean

An international team discovered a previously unrecognized ocean current that transports water to one of the world’s largest “waterfalls” in the North Atlantic Ocean: the Faroe Bank Channel Overflow into the deep North Atlantic. While investigating the pathways that water takes to feed this major waterfall, the research team identified a surprising path of the…Continue Reading

Matt Ryan Says Current Falcons Team ‘Right Up There’ with 2012 Squad

Scott Cunningham/Getty ImagesAtlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan said Wednesday the team’s offensive talent is on par with the star-studded group that helped lead the organization to the 2012 NFC Championship Game.Ryan discussed the current weapons at this disposal, led by one of the NFL’s best wide receiver duos in Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley, compared…Continue Reading