Coronavirus Responses Highlight How Humans Have Evolved to Dismiss Facts That Don't Fit Their Worldview

Bemoaning uneven individual and state compliance with public health recommendations, top U.S. COVID-19 adviser Anthony Fauci recently blamed the country’s ineffective pandemic response on an American “anti-science bias.” He called this bias “inconceivable,” because “science is truth.” Fauci compared those discounting the importance of masks and social distancing to “anti-vaxxers” in their “amazing” refusal to listen to…Continue Reading | Covid-19 headache worse than chemotherapy, surgery and childbirth, says Cape Town woman

A Cape Town family entered quarantine at Lagoon Beach Hotel in Milnerton after the mom tested positive for Covid-19.It was decided to put the family in quarantine as the couple and their four children share a house with the father’s parents.The father tested positive while in quarantine and his parents tested positive later.Six members of…Continue Reading | SA hits 111 796 Covid-19 cases

Health workers conduct mass Covid-19 screening and testing at Rose Park in Lenasia. The country has recorded 5 688 new Covid-19 cases in 24 hours.The number of confirmed positive cases now stands at 111 796. Wednesday marks exactly 112 days since the country recorded its first case.LIVE | 103 more Covid-19 deaths, 5 688 new…Continue Reading

coronavirus news and updates 3 states report record high daily cases fauci warns of disturbing surge

Grace Hauck USA TODAYPublished 6:31 AM EDT Jun 24, 2020Arizona, California and Texas reported record-high new daily coronavirus cases Tuesday as case counts continue to rise in more than half of U.S. states.President Donald Trump has blamed increased testing for the spike. But infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci told House lawmakers Tuesday that in states where there is an…Continue Reading

a new cancer drug might stop tumors in their tracks

A new type of cancer drug has shown promising results in Phase 1 trials after preventing tumor growth in more than half of patients who did not have access to any other treatment. Called berzosertib, the drug is part of “precision medicine” therapies that target specific genes or genetic changes. Berzosertib works best when combined…Continue Reading

scientists are worried that the coronavirus vaccine may not work on older people

Promising coronavirus vaccine progress has been observed for several experimental drugs so far, with some of them approaching the final stage of testing. As researchers approach the critical Phase 3 stage, some of them worry that the vaccines might not be suitable for the elderly, which is the group most likely to develop complications and…Continue Reading