Walmart To Continue Exploiting Human Workforce Instead of Robot One

Rick T. Wilking / StringerPhoto: Rick T. Wilking (Getty Images)The human workers whose jobs restocking the shelves at Walmart were nearly rendered obsolete by a sophisticated fleet of robots dealt a surprising retaliatory blow to the robots on Monday by, somehow, rendering them obsolete first.After a five year-long partnership, Walmart announced that it had terminated…Continue Reading

Pence To Continue Travel After ‘Close Contact’ With Top Aide Who Tested Positive

Topline Vice President Mike Pence will continue a rigorous campaign schedule after two of his top aides, including one he has been in “close contact” with, tested positive for coronavirus on Saturday, prompting speculation of a second White House outbreak. Vice President Mike Pence Saturday in Pennsylvania. MediaNews Group via Getty Images Key Facts In…Continue Reading

Ice Loss Likely to Continue in Antarctica, Even if Climate Change Is Brought Under Control

A new international study led by Monash University climate scientists has revealed that ice loss in Antarctica persisted for many centuries after it was initiated and is expected to continue. “Our study implies that ice loss unfolding in Antarctica today is likely to continue unbated for a long time — even if climate change is…Continue Reading

Xi Says China Will Continue Efforts to Assimilate Muslims in Xinjiang

HONG KONG—Chinese leader Xi Jinping declared success in his approach to governing the region of Xinjiang, signaling no letup in the Communist Party’s forceful campaign to assimilate millions of ethnic Muslims on the country’s northwestern frontier. “Practice has proven that the party’s strategy for governing Xinjiang in the new era is completely correct,” and it…Continue Reading