Gifting a Game Console? Don’t Forget the Subscription!

Nintendo, Sony, MicrosoftYou were lucky enough to get your hands on a Nintendo Switch, a PlayStation 5, or an Xbox Series X/S. But before you call Christmas a wrap, you gotta grab a subscription for Switch Online, PlayStation Plus, or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. These subscriptions are the key to playing games with friends, and…Continue Reading

Digital console spending up 40% last month thanks to wave of big releases

Last month was a big month for console digital revenue, as multiple new major releases shuffled the top earners on the platform.According to SuperData’s monthly report, digital games brought in a total of $10.7 billion in revenue for September, up 14% year-over-year.This was driven by increases across all platforms: mobile was up 9%, PC by…Continue Reading

Analogue’s Next FPGA Console Tackles Kanye West’s Favourite System: The PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16

PC Engine support also coming to the Analogue Pocket by Damien McFerran 7 hours ago © AnalogueBoutique hardware maker Analogue is famous for its FPGA-based system and is about to unleash the Analogue Pocket on the world, but that Game Boy-style handheld isn’t the only project the company has in development right now; it’s just…Continue Reading