How to set up your new computer

Updated Set up antivirus, clear out bloatware, and perform other tasks to keep your PC humming well into the future. Adam Patrick Murray/IDG Today’s Best Tech Deals Picked by PCWorld’s Editors Top Deals On Great Products Picked by Techconnect’s Editors So you’ve got a new computer. Awesome! That humble metal box is the key to…Continue Reading

How to sync OneDrive to your Mac computer and easily access your files anywhere

You can sync OneDrive to your Mac computer, making files easily accessible through Microsoft’s cloud storage.The OneDrive app for Mac is available in the Apple App Store.Once downloaded, you can begin syncing files to OneDrive on your Mac, for access anywhere.Visit Business Insider’s Tech Reference library for more stories. OneDrive, a cloud-hosting feature furnished by…Continue Reading

Computer modelling predicts where vaccines are needed most

Researchers have developed a model that can estimate regional disease burden and the impact of vaccination, even in the absence of robust surveillance data, a study in eLife reveals. The report, originally published on May 26, highlights areas that would have the greatest benefit from initiating a vaccination programme against the virus, Japanese encephalitis (JE).…Continue Reading

Computer Crime: Pirates and Phone Phreaks (1983)

Publication date 1983-09 Topics print, disk, data, softside, computer, atari, software, adventure, goto, game, enhanced disk, operating system, disk versions, financial operating, disk version, machine language, adventure base, suggested retail, softslde disk, shamus case Collection softside-magazine; computermagazines; magazine_rack; additional_collections Language English SoftSide Magazine Issue 59 (Broadway Adventure) (September 1983). THE WORLD CONNECTION Computer Crime: Pirates…Continue Reading

Need a new computer for homeschooling? You can do worse than a sub-£30 2007 MacBook off eBay

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned laptops — particularly those deemed “cheap and cheerful” — into a desperately sought-after commodity as education and work moves to the home. Institutions and parents alike are waiting longer and paying more for machines – even the so-called cheap laptops. Of course, there’s another way. There’s always another way. Readers…Continue Reading

Computer Weekly announces the Most Influential Women in UK Tech 2020

Computer Weekly has announced the 2020 list of the Most Influential Women in UK Technology, including this year’s winner, Anne-Marie Imafidon, CEO of Stemettes. The list, which is now in its ninth year, was introduced in 2012 to make female role models in the sector more visible and accessible. While the original list in 2012 featured…Continue Reading

Two UCLA computer scientists have shown that existing compilers, which tell quantum computers how to use their circuits to execute quantum programs, inhibit the computers’ ability to achieve optimal performance. Specifically, their research has revealed that improving quantum compilation design could help achieve computation speeds up to 45 times faster than currently demonstrated. The computer…Continue Reading

UX-Designer: “Computer sind soziale Akteure”

Begrüßungsdrink, breite Sitze mit viel Platz, eine riesige Filmauswahl: Fluggesellschaften umwerben ihre zahlungskräftigen Kunden mit dem Versprechen, sie voll und ganz zu verwöhnen. Dass die Fluggäste auch das bekommen, was sie brauchen, ist aber nicht selbstverständlich. Dafür zu sorgen, ist der Job von User Experience Designern wie Kirsten Siekmann. Vor einiger Zeit hat die 34-Jährige…Continue Reading