Good Catch plant-based seafood expands in Europe, eyes innovation: ‘There is an opportunity to be wildly creative from a culinary and technology standpoint’

Good Catch is a plant-based seafood brand that has made waves in North America.Earlier in the year, it secured a US$36.8m Series B Financing Round, which enabled it to open a ‘state-of-the-art’ plant-based production facility in Ohio. The company has since entered into a joint distribution agreement with Bumble Bee Foods, making its products available…Continue Reading

Can you really catch coronavirus from frozen food?

China has urged its ports to “take immediate action” to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission after it reportedly found cases it says are linked to contaminated frozen food packaging.Key points:Expert says China’s positive test claims require further evidenceAustralian exporters sold $10.6 billion worth of food in China last yearUnder the new testing scheme, foreign…Continue Reading

More Than 200 People Catch Mink-Related Covid-19 In Denmark Since June, Prompting World Health Organization To Investigate

Topline The World Health Organization is investigating mink farming around the world over concerns that the animals might pass on dangerous new Covid-19 strains to humans — some of which threaten the effectiveness of vaccines currently in development — a day after Denmark ordered the cull of its entire 17 million-strong herd after failing to…Continue Reading

New tools catch and release molecules at the flip of a light switch

A Princeton team has developed a class of light-switchable, highly adaptable molecular tools with new capabilities to control cellular activities. The antibody-like proteins, called OptoBinders, allow researchers to rapidly control processes inside and outside of cells by directing their localization, with potential applications including protein purification, the improved production of biofuels, and new types of…Continue Reading