Archaeology news: Catastrophic 54ft mega tsunami struck Stone Age Israel, study finds

Israel: Experts find fortified complex from time of King DavidArchaeological evidence of the cataclysm has been discovered in tsunami deposits near the ancient settlement of Tel Dor, northwest Israel. Tsunamis are a fairly frequent event along the Mediterranean coastline, with at least one occurring every century for the last 6,000 years. But there are few…Continue Reading

‘Catastrophic’: Balkan healthcare overwhelmed by virus surge

BELGRADE: Not enough beds and not enough doctors: a skyrocketing coronavirus caseload is pushing hospitals in the Balkans to the cusp of collapse, in chaotic scenes reminding some medics of the region’s 1990s wars. After nearly a year of keeping outbreaks more or less under control, the nightmare scenario that the Balkans feared from the…Continue Reading