Canada’s food issues stretch far beyond the rising cost of groceries

By Nick SaulContributorMon., Dec. 14, 2020timer3 min. readupdateArticle was updated 5 hrs ago In an incredibly difficult year, this moment might be the most anxiety-ridden of all. COVID-19 cases are rising across the country and, at the same time, we’re trying to navigate the holidays and imagine what the future may hold. But 1-in-7 Canadians…Continue Reading

Canada’s annual inflation rate accelerates to 0.7% in October

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Canada’s annual inflation rate unexpectedly accelerated to 0.7% in October, up from a year-over-year increase of 0.5% in September, mainly on higher food prices, Statistics Canada said on Wednesday.FILE PHOTO: A shopper walks from a Forever 21 fashion retail store in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada September 30, 2019. REUTERS/Chris HelgrenThe result beat…Continue Reading

Canada’s plastics ban should include beverage containers

What we refer to as “plastic” hasn’t been around for long. But its usefulness has caused production to skyrocket — from about two million tons in 1950 to almost 400 million tons a year now, and rising steadily. It’s a problem. Although much of it can be recycled, most isn’t. That’s led many local and national governments worldwide…Continue Reading

What Canada’s COVID response can teach the U.S. about social safety nets

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The state of Canada’s gig economy: how workers are organizing

On November 3, Canadians will no doubt be transfixed by the historical American presidential election, but gig workers in Canada and those working to organize them will also be paying attention to a voter referendum taking place in California. Proposition 22 asks California voters to decide whether app-based gig workers such as those who work…Continue Reading

Standing Up for Canada’s Most Vulnerable

Karen Black in The Pyx, based on the novel of the same name by John Buell (Host Productions Quebec/IMBd) Montreal writer John Buell’s haunting novels foreshadowed current furors. One of the most emotionally charged legal controversies in recent Canadian history came to a head over the summer when the Ontario Court of Appeal reached a…Continue Reading

Canada’s dismal record on child and elder care leaves little room for national pride

The extent to which services for seniors in many of Canada’s long-term care homes are terribly delinquent was starkly exposed by COVID-19. In April, nearly half the people killed by the coronavirus were residents of such lodgings, especially those that are privately owned. The abominable conditions in which they were abused — deprived of adequate food,…Continue Reading

Priyanka Wins ‘Canada’s Drag Race’: What You Need to Know About the Series’ First Winner

After many weeks, the first Queen of the North has been crowned (well, if you’re not counting Brooke Lynn Hytes). The very first winner of the RuPaul’s Drag Race spinoff, Canada’s Drag Race, has been coronated and it is no other than…what’s here name? Priyanka! Priyanka | Bell Media/CravePriyanka was a fan-favorite with high highs…Continue Reading

Best Buy Canada’s upcoming ‘Family & Friends’ sale discounts select Android and iPhones

Best Buy Canada is preparing for its ‘Friends & Family’ sale, which typically offers solid discounts on select Android smartphones and iPhones with a gift card. Here is a preview of what is to come: iPhone 11 64GB with Telus for $0 upfront + device taxes. Bonus $100 gift card included iPhone 11 Pro 64GB…Continue Reading