Living in Borat’s America

The sequel to Sascha Baron Cohen’s mockumentary attempts to again hold a mirror to the crudeness of American life. Does the stunt work a second time? When Sacha Baron Cohen sprang Borat on the American public in 2006, a midterm election year, I thought I was clever to observe that nimble, improvisational, disrespectful laughter had…Continue Reading

Borat’s back, but does ‘extreme comedy’ really change minds or just push people away?

Sacha Baron Cohen says his Borat movie sequel aims to “reveal the dangerous slide to authoritarianism.” But how influential satire is depends on whom it actually reaches — and some experts say his comedy merely convinces those who are already convinced.Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, seeks to reveal the ‘dangerous slide to…Continue Reading

‘Borat’s Daughter’ Maria Bakalova Was Guest At White House & Came Within Feet Of Donald Trump

Watch October 23, 2020 6:05PM EDT Actress Maria Bakalova was seen visiting the White House in a new promo for the Borat sequel, raising questions about Donald Trump’s security. The actress portraying Borat’s daughter in Sacha Baron Cohen‘s upcoming sequel to the 2006 mockumentary appears to gain access to The White House in a new trailer…Continue Reading