Bitcoin reaches highest value since 2017, breaks $30K mark

Editor’s take: Bitcoin’s resurgence is being felt throughout the cryptocurrency and finance industries. It’s anyone’s guess as to where the cryptocurrency is heading next. It’s a lot like riding a roller coaster – you don’t really know what’s going to happen, you just hang on for the ride. After hitting an all-time high of around…Continue Reading

Bitcoin is in a ‘massive bubble’ and investors don’t understand how its supply works, says economist David Rosenberg (BTC)

Known for identifying the housing market bubble in 2005, David Rosenberg is the chief economist and strategist at Rosenberg Research & Associates Rosenberg Research & Associates Economist David Rosenberg told Bloomberg he believes bitcoin is in a bubble and investors don’t understand how its supply works. “Everybody seems to believe that we’re going to get to…Continue Reading

Bitcoin Blows Past $20,000 Milestone

Photo: Ina Fassbender (Getty Images)It’s been almost three years to the day since the price of Bitcoin was close to breaking the $20,000 ceiling and came crashing down. On Wednesday, the arbitrary milestone of hodlers’ dreams was finally achieved. Bitcoin crossed the $20,000 threshold this morning with its value rising around 6% at the time…Continue Reading

Bitcoin book breaks into the top 3 on Amazon’s macroeconomics list By Cointelegraph

Bitcoin book breaks into the top 3 on Amazon’s macroeconomics listA new book on (BTC) has catapulted into the top three on Amazon’s macroeconomics bestseller list, offering more evidence that digital assets are piquing people’s interest. Released on Dec. 2, Bitcoin: Hard Money You Can’t F*ck With: Why bitcoin will be the next global reserve…Continue Reading

Bitcoin on rise again as crypto investor demographic changes

Navigation for News Categories A new demographic of investors have been flocking to buy Bitcoin in the wake of the pandemic, driving the cryptocurrency to a three-year high. Photo: AFP The digital currency has been roll over the past three months, up 50 percent to about $26,000 per unit. Cryptocurrency firm Easy Crypto chief executive…Continue Reading

Bitcoin knackt 12.000-Dollar-Marke – das sind die Treiber der Krypto-Rallye

Bitcoin-Kurs – es geht wieder bergauf. (Foto: Y-Kollektiv/ YouTube) 20.10.2020, 20:56 Uhr Gerade keine Zeit? Jetzt speichern und später lesen Der Bitcoin ist erstmals seit Anfang September wieder mehr als 12.000 US-Dollar wert. Die Krypto-Rallye könnte bis auf 16.000 oder 17.000 Dollar führen, meinen Analysten. In den vergangenen fünf Wochen ist der Bitcoin-Kurs nach einem Einbruch…Continue Reading

De Bitcoin stijgt, deze standen zijn belangrijk

Auteur: robertkroes, gepost 13 september 2020 om 14:03 – Reageer Technische analyses en whale clusters zijn eensgezind: dit zijn de Bitcoin weerstanden. De Bitcoin had het de afgelopen weken moeilijk, maar investeerders wisten de koers boven de beruchte $ 10.000,-. Nu lijkt de Bitcoin te herstellen. Vraag is natuurlijk tot welk niveau. De technische analyses…Continue Reading

What is DeFi and why is it the hottest ticket in cryptocurrencies

One area in cryptocurrencies attracting huge attention is DeFi or decentralised finance. This refers to financial services using smart contracts, which are automated enforceable agreements that don’t need intermediaries like a bank or lawyer and use online blockchain technology instead. Between September 2017 and the time of writing, the total valueContinue Reading

Suspected bitcoin scammers take over Twitter accounts of Bill Gates, Elon Musk

Suspected bitcoin scammers appeared to launch a wide-ranging attack on major Twitter accounts on Wednesday in an attempt to get people to transfer cryptocurrency, taking over accounts belonging to some of the world’s wealthiest corporations and people, including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.A tweet typical of the attack sent from the account of Bill Gates, the…Continue Reading