Joe Biden’s NSA Nominee Says U.S. Would Send a Message to China Over Coronavirus Response

President-elect Joe Biden’s national security advisor nominee Jake Sullivan said the United States would “send a very clear message to China” that the country’s response to the coronavirus pandemic was unacceptable.Sullivan said that his initial focus of work on the National Security Council (NSC) would be to make public health a national security priority by…Continue Reading

Biden’s NATO Amity Sparks Debate Among European Allies

BRUSSELS—President-elect Joe Biden told NATO’s secretary-general in a recent telephone call of the U.S.’s “enduring commitment” to the military alliance—a relief for European allies after President Trump’s browbeatings and threats to leave. But the impending transition to more soothing tones from Washington has also sparked fresh, public squabbles in Europe over how far and fast…Continue Reading

Biden’s pick for intelligence chief is familiar with cyber challenges

Avril Haines, Biden’s pick for director of national intelligence, has a long history of working on critical cybersecurity and digital challenges facing the intelligence community.Why it matters: A deep understanding of cyber issues is of great value in the position, including as the Biden administration seeks to restore faith in a role that has faced…Continue Reading

The Transition to Joe Biden’s Presidency Has Begun. But Donald Trump Won’t Talk About Losing

President Donald Trump made two public appearances on Tuesday, something that’s become increasingly rare since he lost the election. He appeared fleetingly in the White House briefing room to talk about the stock market and progress on coronavirus vaccines, and later participated in the annual presidential turkey pardon, where he spoke about the upcoming Thanksgiving…Continue Reading

Biden’s pick for US spy chief played a central role in Obama’s secretive drone war that resulted in hundreds of civilian deaths

Avril Haines was deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency during the Obama administration. Win McNamee/Getty Images Human rights groups and progressives have expressed concern about President-elect Joe Biden’s pick for director of national intelligence, Avril Haines. Haines played a key role in the Obama administration’s controversial drone program, andContinue Reading

Biden’s Win Prompts European Moves to Rebuild Ties

BRUSSELS—European leaders, who have reacted enthusiastically to President-elect Joe Biden’s win, now face the challenge of following up their congratulations with action. While Mr. Biden and his team are more multilateral and pro-Europe than President Trump, the new administration will want to show Americans it can deliver results and convince Trump voters that they are better…Continue Reading

Joe Biden’s Options To Combat Climate Change

Joe Biden’s Options To Combat Climate Change NPR’s Scott Simon speaks with former Environmental Protection Agency administrator, Gina McCarthy, about what she thinks President-elect Joe Biden can do to address climate change once he’s sworn in. November 14, 20207:53 AM ET Joe Biden’s Options To Combat Climate Change Download Embed NPR’s Scott Simon speaks with…Continue Reading

Biden’s Treasury pick may be key to climate, jobs, and equality agenda

No results matched your search EconomyNov 12, 2020 06:25AM ET © Reuters. U.S. President-elect Biden holds news conference in Wilmington, Delaware By Howard Schneider WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Incoming U.S. Treasury secretaries have been confronted over the past two decades with the financial rescue of other countries, the bailout of the U.S. banking system and a…Continue Reading

Biden’s coronavirus advisor is about to make a lot of people very, very angry

President-elect Joe Biden’s COVID-19 advisor Dr. Michael Osterholm knows what needs to be done to get the coronavirus pandemic under control… but a lot of people aren’t going to like it. In an interview, the health expert said that a nationwide lockdown of 4-6 weeks could reduce the number of cases and prevent healthcare systems…Continue Reading