If you quit eating red meat, you could reap these benefits

If you’re looking to make your diet more healthy, there are lots of changes you could make, including cutting out red meat in favor of white meat. Health Digest has put together a robust list of health benefits of ditching red meat. It’s important to note that swapping red meat for a healthy option is…Continue Reading

Uber and Lyft roll out new benefits for California drivers under Prop 22

Following their victory last month in California on the Prop 22 ballot measure, Uber and Lyft have unveiled the new “benefits” for California drivers on their platforms, including guaranteed minimum earnings and stipends for health care. “Even though we’ve won the vote, we’re still not done,” Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said in a blog post…Continue Reading


THE UWAVERING BENEFITS OF BREASTFEEDING – IN THE AGE OF COVID-19 Joint statement by Ministry of Health and Child Care, WHO and UNICEF commemorating World Breastfeeding Week The unprecedented global social and economic crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic poses grave risks to the nutritional status and survival of young children in low-income and middle-income…Continue Reading

Long-Term Benefits From Nusinersen for Presymptomatic SMA

Nusinersen provides continued, long-term benefits to infants with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) who begin treatment before symptom onset, according to an analysis presented at the 2020 CNS-ICNA Conjoint Meeting, held virtually this year. “Children are developing in a manner more consistent with normal development than that expected for children with two and three SMN2 gene…Continue Reading

Photo: NadyaEugene (Shutterstock)Remember back in March and early April when we were all panic-buying supplies to prepare for spending a few weeks hunkered down in our homes? Our new lockdown lifestyle seemed like something we’d live through for a period of time, and then life—including the summer—would resume, mostly as usual. At this stage, summer…Continue Reading

The Health Benefits of Farting

Farting might be embarrassing—especially when it’s noticeable (sound, smell). But it’s actually important for your health.There are benefits to letting it rip throughout the day (most of them go undetected, anyway.) “Farting can tell us a lot about our digestive health. It’s actually very normal to pass gas over a dozen times a day, and…Continue Reading

The Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

Bask in some vitamin D—and get a workout in, too! Here are some advantages of going outside for exercise. IT’S CHALLENGING: Let’s face it, you don’t work out expecting it to be easy, you want a challenge—that’s where the results come in! Being outside in a changing environment with hills and other difficult terrain makes…Continue Reading

Getty Images Last updated September 7, 2020 at 7:38 PM. The $300 and $400 extra unemployment benefits authorized by President Trump have started to go out in a number of states. At the same time, many states continue to modify their computer systems so that they can begin processing the enhanced unemployment benefits. The process…Continue Reading