Reasons to Believe in Raiders’ Improving Defense

0 of 3David Richard/Associated PressLadies and gentlemen, the Las Vegas Raiders have a defense. It’s been a little late to the party, but over the last three weeks, defensive coordinator Paul Guenther has likely saved his job with a sharp turnaround from the first six games of the season. Coming off the bye week, the defense…Continue Reading

One in four Britons believe in QAnon-linked conspiracy theories, study finds

A movement that has been identified as a terror threat by the FBI after beginning life among Donald Trump’s most unhinged supporters is finding fresh support in the UK, according to new research.The QAnon conspiracy theory emerged from “a supposed intelligence agent” known as Q, who “maintains that Donald Trump is actually a white knight…Continue Reading

Democrats believe Trump has put Texas in play. A Biden win could be a game-changer

For years it shimmered on the far horizon, beckoning like a watery mirage: a blue Texas.Democrats plotted and schemed and talked about flipping this conservative stronghold and seizing its electoral votes, a stockpile that is crucial for Republicans. Inevitably, they fell short — typically by a lot.This time, however, it is not far-fetched to think…Continue Reading

Analysts believe that a single TSMC 5nm wafer costs $17,000

In brief: CSET (The Center for Security and Emerging Technologies) has published a new report, titled “AI chips: What they are and why they matter,” in which they calculate the sales price of silicon wafers. They found that TSMC’s 5nm node requires exceptionally expensive wafers that aren’t cheaper on a per-chip basis than 7nm chips.…Continue Reading

‘We believe in generations:’ PlayStation argues cross-gen games risk stifling innovation

“As we’ve said many times, with PlayStation 5 it’s a brand new generation, and we believe in generations. So we want to evolve every part of the experience. ” – PlayStation global marketing head Eric Lempel talks generational jumps with Geoff Keighley. PlayStation plans to make a clear jump to the next console generation and…Continue Reading