2021 could be the year automation and AI truly accelerate the economy

The coronavirus pandemic hit the global economy hard in 2020, but the economy may be close to consolidating years of technological advances — and ready to take off in a burst of productivity growth.Why it matters: Productivity is the engine that makes the economy grow for everyone. If long-gestating technologies like AI and automation really…Continue Reading

Automation May Help EP Clinics Bogged Down by Remote Monitoring

A software program could help simplify the work of clinics providing remote monitoring of cardiac devices, one study suggested. Remote monitoring with PaceMate LIVE software at 25 centers yielded 205,804 transmissions from 26,713 consecutive patients with cardiac implantable electronic devices (CIEDs) over 12 months. About 40% of transmissions were alerts, the rest being scheduled transmissions.…Continue Reading

The near-future of AI and automation is a hybrid workforce, not mass job loss

AI and automation are receiving a boost during the coronavirus pandemic that in the short term is creating a new hybrid workforce rather than destroying jobs outright.The big picture: While the forces of automation and AI will eliminate some jobs and create some new ones, the vast majority will remain but be dramatically changed. The…Continue Reading

The jobs most threatened by automation because of Covid-19

Workers hit hard by Covid-19 layoffs may be in for another blow: automation.Many jobs lost to coronavirus-induced cutbacks are those at risk of being replaced by technology, like positions in the service sector. Because of this, researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia (pdf) believe the pandemic has likely accelerated the process of automation…Continue Reading