Backup pacemaker discovery in goats could have important implications for human hearts

This research could change our understanding of the heart. Liya Graphics/ Shutterstock Your heart beats around 60 times a minute, delivering nutrients and removing waste from every cell in your body. It has been doing this since you were in the womb – the heart forms 18 days into foetal development and beginsContinue Reading

New-Onset Arrhythmia After TAVR: How New, Really?

Week-long continuous ECG monitoring was a worthwhile addition to the workup before transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), a small study suggested. Monitoring with the wearable CardioSTAT device over 7 days revealed arrhythmic events in 51 of 106 TAVR candidates, changing the treatment plan for 14 of them (such as starting anticoagulation) in the 3 months…Continue Reading