Creating meat analogues with olive oil to boost sector’s health credentials

The Spanish start-up has introduced a plant-based burger made from an innovative fat analogue that transforms extra virgin olive oil into a solid fat. Heura’s R&D team formulated a solid fat analogue to give the texture and bite of beef from extra virgin olive oil, which is healthier and more sustainable than coconut oil. According…Continue Reading

Analogue’s Next FPGA Console Tackles Kanye West’s Favourite System: The PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16

PC Engine support also coming to the Analogue Pocket by Damien McFerran 7 hours ago © AnalogueBoutique hardware maker Analogue is famous for its FPGA-based system and is about to unleash the Analogue Pocket on the world, but that Game Boy-style handheld isn’t the only project the company has in development right now; it’s just…Continue Reading