Super Mario Sunshine Is Now 18 Years Old

Super Mario Sunshine Is Now 18 Years Old
We’re ready to return to Isle Delfino, Nintendo
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  • by Liam Doolan
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18 years ago on 19th July 2002, Nintendo released Super Mario Sunshine on the GameCube in Japan. It was followed by a North American release in August, and a European release in October. If this game was a person, it would have now reached adulthood in a lot of countries.

This tropical-themed entry saw Mario travel to Isle Delfino to clean up the graffiti mess made by a villain known as Shadow Mario – with the assistance of the water-powered device F.L.U.D.D. It’s still one of the most unique 3D Mario games to date.

Super Mario Sunshine went on to become one of the best-selling GameCube titles – shifting more than five million copies worldwide and was easily one of the highlights of this particular generation. Although, sales reportedly did not live up to Nintendo’s expectations at the time.

Earlier this week, Sunshine artwork was spotted on a Monopoly Super Mario Celebration Edition box – which also happens to be linked to rumours about Nintendo potentially remastering Mario’s back catalogue (including Sunshine) for his 35th anniversary.

What do you think? Is it about time Nintendo re-released this game? Do you have fond memories of playing this title back in the day? Tell us down below.


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