Souness slams Noble for throwing West Ham ‘hand grenade’

Souness slams Noble for throwing West Ham ‘hand grenade’

Date published: Sunday 13th September 2020 10:25

Graeme Souness has taken aim at West Ham captain Mark Noble after his criticism of the sale of Grady Diangana.

Noble spoke out against the club’s decision to offload exciting academy product Diangana to Premier League rivals West Brom on the eve of this Premier League season.

That provided a small window into the mess currently engulfing the east London club, which was only exacerbated by a 2-0 home defeat to Newcastle on the opening day.

As captain of this football club I’m gutted, angry and sad that Grady has left, great kid with a great future!!!!!

— MARK NOBLE (@Noble16Mark) September 4, 2020

Noble started that game but was taken off after 67 minutes as the Hammers succumbed to the sheer majesty of Steve Bruce.

Manager David Moyes was reticent to criticise Noble’s conduct, suggesting instead it “showed real true solidarity” among the squad.

“If we want open communication, people should be allowed to speak,” he said. “Grady was part of the group. Mark Noble had probably seen him develop as a young player. He was entitled to give his opinion. We know what Mark means to the club and what he thinks of the club.”

But “football person” Souness hit out at the 33-year-old.

“David Moyes is sick to his boots; players have let him down. Mark Noble has let him down,” he told Sky Sports.

“Eight days ago he threw a hand grenade into the mix by questioning people further up the tree who made that football decision to sell the young player to West Brom.

“Does Noble know the ins and outs of the finances at West Ham? If he felt that then he should have kept it to himself. That’s not helped their cause.

“Moyes won’t say it had an impact on what happened but I guarantee you, I’m a football person, that would have impacted on West Ham in the build up to the game,” Souness added.

“Their captain has shot himself in the foot. He’s got no business – if he felt like that then he should have kept to himself.”

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