So Ji Sub Makes Generous Donation To Help Communities In Need

So Ji Sub Makes Generous Donation To Help Communities In Need

So Ji Sub has made a thoughtful donation to support underprivileged senior citizens.

On September 21, the international relief and development organization Good Neighbors stated, “So Ji Sub has donated 100 million won (approximately $85,700) to help marginalized communities ahead of Chuseok [the Korean equivalent of Thanksgiving].”

The actor’s donation will be used to provide food, hygiene products for COVID-19 prevention, and items for the winter season to senior citizens who are living alone and not sufficiently supported by welfare services.

Previously, So Ji Sub made a donation of 350 million won (approximately $299,950) to Good Neighbors toward the fight against COVID-19. In March, the actor donated to help 2,000 children of low-income families receive daily necessities, and he sent 5,820 pieces of anti-contamination clothing to medical teams located in Daegu. In April, So Ji Sub also helped 145 underprivileged children receive smart devices for their education.

So Ji Sub became a member of Good Neighbors’s The Neighbors Club in 2017, a status awarded to those who have made contributions of at least 10 million won (approximately $8,570) a year to the international humanitarian NGO.

A director from Good Neighbors commented, “So Ji Sub’s positive influence will be passed on as a great source of comfort and hope to those in need who are experiencing hard times, especially this year.”

Watch So Ji Sub in the film “A Company Man” below!

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