Sky: Children Of The Light Celebrates 1st Anniversary And 20 Million Downloads

Sky: Children Of The Light Celebrates 1st Anniversary And 20 Million Downloads
Sky: Children Of The Light, the social mobile game by Journey developers Thatgamecompany, has announced reaching a new milestone of 20 million downloads across Android and iOS, almost exactly a year on from launch.

Sky launched first to iOS on July 18 last year, and picked up Apple’s iPhone Game of the Year award in its first six months. The game later came to Android in April 2020.

Thatgamecompany is marking a year of release with a week-long in-game anniversary celebration that started on July 13. The celebration opens up Sky’s secret area, The Office, to all players–a zone usually exclusive to players who own the TGC Founders cape or Beta cape.

The Office anniversary party includes a handful of bespoke interactive decorations, plus a new anniversary party hat that can be purchased for three hearts. The Office is accessible from a hidden room in the entrance of the Vault of Knowledge.

The event coincides with the first week of the new Season of Sanctuary, which is live now with a new area accessible from the Daylight Prairie’s Bird’s Nest area.

Thatgamecompany co-founder and creative director Jenova Chen issued a statement on the anniversary of Sky’s release, saying “Without a doubt, Sky has been one of the most exciting, challenging, rewarding and heartwarming chapters of thatgamecompany studio. We humbly launched Sky a year ago with the hope that it may emotionally evoke or touch people’s hearts… I don’t think we were ready for the players’ response or that over 20 million fans would get to play it.”

Sky: Children of the Light is free to play on iOS and Android devices, with a Nintendo Switch edition planned to launch next.


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