Seniors’ Depression Overlooked; Pandemic Stress and Jaw Pain

Seniors’ Depression Overlooked; Pandemic Stress and Jaw Pain

Why are many older folks left behind when it comes to depression treatment? (Forbes)

After an advisory panel voted in favor of approval, the FDA declined to okay the investigational ALKS 3831 (olanzapine/samidorphan), a schizophrenia and bipolar I disorder treatment, after issues were raised about the tablet-coating process at its manufacturing site, Alkermes announced.
Antibiotic use in infants may increase their risk for a host of chronic conditions, including attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder. (ScienceDaily)
Overactivation of the subgenual anterior cingulate cortex could be the source of many people’s depression and anxiety. (PsyPost)
A Mendelian randomization study found a genetic link between prescription opioid use and an increased risk for major depressive disorder. (JAMA Psychiatry)
Another adverse outcome of COVID-19-related stress and anxiety? Teeth grinding and jaw pain. (MedicalXpress)
One possible way to help stave off Alzheimer’s disease: deep sleep. (NPR)

Queensland, Australia, somehow managed to avoid a spike in suicides during the pandemic. (The Lancet Psychiatry)

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