Senior advisor to The Lincoln Project gets fact-checked over ‘ballot access’ conspiracy theory

Senior advisor to The Lincoln Project gets fact-checked over ‘ballot access’ conspiracy theory
Political scientist Rachel Bitecofer, a senior advisor to The Lincoln Project, is very worried that because the “GOP controls ballot access in many” of the swing states, Joe Biden’s polling lead doesn’t matter and “it’s a toss up in” all of those crucial battlegrounds:

Biden up +15 in the new ABCNews/WAPO poll. But the fact is bc the GOP controls ballot access in many of the swings, no matter the polling lead- it’s a toss up in all of them & if the anti-Trump voters forget that in terms of effort- Trump & the RNC can pull off another 2016.

— Rachel “The Doc” Bitecofer 📈🔭🍌 (@RachelBitecofer) July 19, 2020

Too bad her tweet is nonsensical and not true at all:

What does “controls ballot access” mean? If we agree that AZ, FL MI, MN, NH, NC, PA, and WI are the closest swing states, Democrats control all or part of the election process in every one except FL.

— Dave Weigel (@daveweigel) July 19, 2020

She doesn’t care:

WRONG. These so-called “experts” need to learn who the Secretary of State is in each swing state before they pontificate like this. The scaremongering is stupid.

WI – @DougLaFollette (DEM)
MI – @JocelynBenson (DEM)
PA – @KathyBoockvar (DEM)
ME – Matthew Dunlap (DEM)


— Michael Clayton💛🐝 (@ClooneyDaFixer) July 19, 2020

AZ – @katiehobbs (DEM)
NC – @Elaine4NC (DEM)
FL – @FLSecofState (GOP)
IA – @PateforIowa (GOP, forced to send mail-in ballots to every registered voter in the state)
OH – @FrankLaRose (GOP)

Stop misinforming the public with fear mongering, Bitecofer.

— Michael Clayton💛🐝 (@ClooneyDaFixer) July 19, 2020

The Lincoln Project at work:

This is a baseless conspiracy theory.

— JERRY DUNLEAVY (@JerryDunleavy) July 19, 2020

So, will *they* accept if President Trump wins in November or that’s only a question for Republicans?

Say Trump somehow does come back and wins the election. This sort of baseless paranoia sets the stage for the left to reject that outcome. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. You can’t demand Trump accept losing if you won’t accept his winning. That’s not how it works.

— Varad Mehta (@varadmehta) July 19, 2020



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