Seattle mobile studio Lightfox nets $3.3 million to bring debut title to market

Seattle mobile studio Lightfox nets $3.3 million to bring debut title to market
Seattle-based mobile developer Lightfox Games has secured $3.3 million in seed funding to bring its debut title, Super Battle League, to market. 

The investment round was led by March Gaming, with participation from Hiro Capital and 1Up Ventures. 

Lightfox was founded in 2019 and has put together a team comprised of industry veterans from companies including King, EA, Disney, Epic Games, and Amazon. 

The studio’s debut project, Super Battle League, is being pitched as a 3v3 real-time mixed PvE and PvP multiplier title where players race to see who can beat the boss first. Lightfox believes the game will entice casual players, allowing the company to “capitalize on this underserved part of the market and expand the genre.”

“To date, mobile midcore games have struggled with attracting and retaining a wider casual audience. Real-time multiplayer games like Brawl Stars and ‘battle royale’ games have been successful in offering midcore players a competitive outlet on mobile but haven’t drawn in a more casual audience,” said the studio. 

“[Super Battle League] presents as a casual party-based PvE game with its portrait orientation and one-handed play. Depth is subsequently layered in, as players get more exposed to PvP play and work to level up their gear while competing in hundreds of randomly generated arenas,” explained the studio. ”

There’s no word on when the title will be rolled out worldwide, although it’s already available in select regions on iOS and Android.

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