Rey Mysterio Rumors; Tito Ortiz Talks WWE; Apollo Crews Blasts MVP on Twitter

Rey Mysterio Rumors; Tito Ortiz Talks WWE; Apollo Crews Blasts MVP on Twitter

Professional wrestler Rey Mysterio poses at the premiere of the HBO documentary film

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Bleacher Report catches you up on the latest news from WWE and AEW.

Mysterio Being Written Off TV

Don’t expect a one-eyed Rey Mysterio to be showing up on WWE programming anytime soon.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling News Observer reported Mysterio lost his “eye for an eye” match to Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules to write him off television. Mysterio had been working his program with Rollins without a contract and will now be a free agent.

While it’s possible Mysterio will ultimately re-sign with WWE, it would not make much sense for him to return for several weeks, if not months. In kayfabe, the damage done to his eye by Rollins was so bad that it made the Monday Night Messiah puke. To have him return quickly would undo…whatever it was WWE was going for there.

If Mysterio doesn’t want to take a break from in-ring competition, he shouldn’t lack for suitors. Impact just loaded up on several former WWE stars at Slammiversary, and AEW would undoubtedly benefit by inking someone with Mysterio’s experience.

Tito Ortiz Shares WWE Training Video 

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit and essentially put a halt on all WWE signings, Tito Ortiz was rumored to be the next MMA fighter to make the leap to in-ring competition. It never happened. Ortiz made an appearance at the WWE Performance Center for some training, but the rumor never appeared to gain much traction.

After months holding onto footage, Ortiz released a vlog of his time at WWE in which he revealed he “fell in love” with professional wrestling.

It’s unclear if we’ll ever see Ortiz in a WWE ring. He’s 45, and Vince McMahon’s fixation with turning MMA stars into pro wrestlers appears to be fading. That said, the video does give an interesting look at how difficult it is to become a WWE Superstar.

Crews Says He’s Coming After MVP

As one of the two odd title “changes” that transpired Sunday night at Extreme Rules, MVP took claim of the new United States championship after Apollo Crews was deemed “unable to compete” after failing his pre-match physical.

Keep in mind that MVP was the one who introduced the championship, and it is yet to be formally acknowledged by WWE. So the purpose for the storyline forfeiture is unclear. The situation doesn’t get MVP any real heel heat because his U.S. title isn’t the one formally recognized by WWE. 

Crews, meanwhile, said he’s coming after what’s “his” in a response to the Extreme Rules segment:

Apollo @WWEApollo

@The305MVP is trippin thinking he can claim himself the #USChampion. I was looking forward to shutting you BOTH up once and for all tonight at #ExtremeRules but once I’m cleared .. #ImComingforwhatsmine

But if Crews has the actual United States championship in his possession and MVP’s is an imposter (kayfabe; we all know that’s the new real belt), does Crews not already have what’s his? This is one of those storylines that quickly unravels if you take five seconds to actually consider what’s happening. 

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