Racing sim company makes VR kart rig with haptic controls

Racing sim company makes VR kart rig with haptic controls
CXC Simulation, a company that designs and produces racing simulator devices, posted a new video showing off an exciting custom project — a full-motion kart simulator with VR integration.

CXC has created many driving and kart simulators that use traditional monitors. However, this new kart simulator integrates smart haptic feedback with a VR headset to create a new immersive racing simulator.

You can check out a video of the simulator embedded below, but it looks like an impressive piece of tech that can recreate the minutiae of driving a small kart at high speeds. Not only do you have an accurate body shell that looks the part, but it features haptic integration that heightens the experience.

“This simulator is really specific to one type of racing, ” says Chris Considine, CXC founder and CEO. “And this one type of racing also happens to be completely unique in racing alone. [The simulated kart] is the answer to the question, ‘what could we do to a kart simulator — knowing all the things we know about haptic feedback, VR, every type of technology we have — and say how realistic can we get?’ We replicated the violence, the vibration, the physical effort needed to turn the steering system, in a slick little package that can be put into a corner and easily driven.”

As explained in the video, this type of kart would normally see you suspended just off the ground, always in the air as you drive. The simulator replicates that feeling by using two high-powered fans, controlled by CXC’s own software, that can provide accurate wind simulation to give you that rush while you race.

While CXC sells many other simulators on their website, this custom kart simulator is not available for purchase directly. However, if you’re interested in purchasing a custom simulator from CXC, you can contact them online.

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